It all started with a man in a van with a plan. Barry Stillman was 19 years old when he decided that working for the someone else was not what he wanted to do with his life. Although his father and uncles were already fixtures in the meat industry here in Denver. He was determined to make his own way. He started delivering to small restaurants and sausage manufacturers in a refrigerated van throughout the city. Soon he built his business enough to buy another van and hire another driver. A few years later he opened a warehouse in Thornton with an attached office space, hired more employees and his business began to blossom. He soon outgrew his warehouse and found a new home in central Denver where he had ample space to grow.

Sadly Barry Stillman passed away in the mid 90’s, before his time. His wife Kay took the reins, even though times were tough. Uncertainty mounted, but Kay kept the business running and continued steady growth, which surprised many. Today, Kay Stillman can proudly look at the business started by Barry that she helped build into one of the strongest food suppliers in the state of Colorado and smile.

Thanks to loyal customers and employees, the Stillman story continues to get better. They recently announced plans to relocate across the street from their current location to a new building offering 600,000 sq. ft. which they are very excited about.

Terry Waller
Andy McKay
Nick Roben
Henry Hong-Chiv Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai/Cambodian
Leo Sandoval- Spanish
Miguel Ramirez De Arrelano- Spanish