The shoulder portion of the animal. Good for roasts, thin cuts, and hamburger.

Different cuts include: *Bone-in Chuck, *2pc. Boneless Chuck, *Chuck Eye Roll, *Shoulder Clod, *Teras Major, *Bone-in Chuck Short rib  (4bone), *Chuck Flap Meat, *Brisket, *Chuck (Mock) Tender, and *Bone-in Foreshanks


The rear end surrounding the largest and toughest animals in the animal. Primarily used for burgers and pit roasts.

Different cuts include: *Top Rounds extra trimmed or denuded, *Bottom Round Flat, *Eye of Round, *Gooseneck Round, *Peeled Knuckles, and *Bone-in Hind Shanks


Different cuts include:  *Boneless Lip on Ribeye, *Bone-in Export Rib, and *Bone-in Plate Shortribs  (3 Bone) All grades available


The most tender part of the animal, known for its steaks.

Different cuts include: *Shortloins,  *Striploins, *Tenderloins , *Top Sirloin Butts, and *#2 Tenderloins All grades available

Thin Meats

Smaller muscles located throughout the animal. Very useful for fajitas, stir fry, slow cooking, and BBQ.

Different thin cuts include: *Flank Steaks, *Flap Meat, *Rib Lifter Meat, *Tri Tips, *Ball Tips, *Navals, *Inner Skirts, *Outside Skirts, and *Back Ribs

Grinds and Diced Beef

Different cuts include: *81% Ground, *73% Ground, *1/4″ Diced, *1″ Diced, and *Patties


The organs and entrails of the animal.

Different offal include: *Whole Beef Heads, *Head Meat, *Cheek Meat, *Lips, *Tongues, *Tongues Tips, *Flexor Tendons, * Whole Feet, *Cut Feet, *Hearts, *Livers , *Kidneys, *Kidney Suet, *Calf Fries (whole or sliced/breaded), *Tripas  (Intestines), *Precooked Tripas, *Tripe, Honeycomb, Scalded, Omassum, and *Tails